QuAcademy : A unit of Qulabs in Quantum Education


QuAcademy is an entity of Qulabs Software India Pvt Ltd; that take cares of resource development for Qulabs and training for quantum professionals worldwide. QuAcademy conduct training programs for the basic and advanced aspects of Quantum Technology. The goal of the training program is to train people from various domains and develop the group of professionals in quantum technology. Interested candidates can apply in the training program from any domain like undergrads, masters, PhDs from various institutes/Universities, working professionals from industry or academia from India or abroad.

The primary screening of the candidates for admission in the admission in the training program is based on their CV and general interview.

Process of the Training Program:

The training program consists of two phases. First one is “Basic Training” that contain a complete overview of quantum technologies starting from linear algebra and quantum computing. Basic training mostly covers the prerequisites & fundamentals of quantum computing and high-level overview of all the domains of quantum technology like Quantum Communication & Networking, Quantum Artificial Intelligence etc.

The second part of training is the “Advanced Training” in which we divide shortlisted candidates in 5-6 groups, for the parallels of quantum technologies based on their performance and interests. Presently we have following parallels for advanced training:

  1. Quantum Communication & Networking

  2. Quantum Optics & Quantum Memory

  3. Quantum Artificial Intelligence

  4. Post Quantum Cryptography

  5. Blind Quantum Computing

  6. Universal Quantum Simulation

The course content for the aforementioned parallels are quite advances and intense hence target participants are only those who wants to pursue their carrier in the respective domains.

The shortlisted candidates sit on the interview for the final round and selected candidates from the interview get offers for internship and full-time roles at Qulabs.

Domains of the Advanced training:
1. Quantum Communication & Networking

The Quantum communication & Networking course curriculum comprise of basics of quantum communication, classical communication, building blocks of quantum internet, protocols and algorithms of quantum internet & networking in a very concise manner.

2. Quantum Optics & Quantum Memory

This Quantum Optics & Quantum Memory course curriculum mainly focuses on the basics of quantum optics, spectroscopy, and their applications in the field of quantum communication in the first half of the course. The second half of the course focuses on storing qubits in various quantum memory protocols.

3. Quantum Artificial Intelligence

The Quantum Artificial Intelligence course starts with review of classical machine learning and deep learning. It then moves to introductory quantum machine learning where variational quantum classifiers, quantum SVN, quantum neural networks (QNN), models of QNN are discussed.

4. Post Quantum Cryptography

The Post-Quantum Cryptography course curriculum begins by introducing the field of cryptology and its various domains. Following that, it dives into the basics of public and private key cryptography. This includes topics such as ciphers, hash functions, key exchange, encryption, and digital signatures.

5. Universal Quantum Simulation

The curriculum on Quantum Simulations majorly focussed on usage of quantum computers for simulating physical quantum systems. Introducing different practices for quantum simulations from numerical approaches to digital, analog and digital-analog quantum simulations, a major focus was put on Digital Quantum Simulation (also called as Universal Quantum Simulation).

6. Blind Quantum Computing

Blind Quantum Computing course initiates with introduction to different models of quantum computing, majorly circuit model and Measurement-based model.

Track record of QuAcademy:

Almost 50% candidates we filter out from the basic training for the advanced training programs. After that we select top 10% performers from the advanced training for the full-time and internship positions at Qulabs.