About US

Creating Intelligent Solutions With Quantum

We have a vision to create a quantum future by using quantum principles for engineering solutions to extremely complex problems in computing, communications, sensing, chemistry, cryptography, imaging and mechanics.
Our work is progressing in the direction to provide the world its first Quantum Internet and as a result create a completely secure internet and communication at immense speed and security.
We have put together a world class team of research quantum and networking scientists to build this new paradigm of secure communications for commercial customers. Our business goal is to deliver reliable, high quality, cost-effective, efficient, scalable and absolutely secure quantum communication solutions to a global marketplace through our quantum Internet platform and software stack by applying latest state-of-art technology advancements with both private and public participation that will provide most secure, more accessible, affordable, and transparent communication platform to consumers, governments, businesses and start-ups.
Qulabs has been named as one of first and among the top 8 start- ups by Analytics India Magazine, aiming to bring India in the list of few countries with an edge in this emerging field which will have a greater advantage in garnering multifold economic growth and dominant leadership to lead the quantum computing race in India.
Our team consists of bright, energetic and talented people who have a passion for making a difference in the world by helping underserved communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to to develop scalable prototypes of quantum technologies and an inherently safe quantum internet based on the fundamental theories in quantum mechanics.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide the world its first Quantum Communication and Quantum Computing based solution by creating a completely secure internet and communication at immense speed and security.