About Us

Quantum parallelism is used to perform a large number of computations at the same time, and quantum interference is used to combine their results into something that is both meaningful and can be measured according to the laws of quantum mechanics. The biggest challenge is building a large-scale quantum computer.

Nixon Patel

CEO, QuLabs

Qulabs is one of the first company in India in Quantum computing ecosystem. Our team, which comprises of multidisciplinary groups of research scientists and engineers from various leading institutes of higher learning like IITs, ISI and IISc, are united by a common challenge theme for advancing the research frontiers in India.

Quantum Machine Learning
Quantum Communication
Quantum Computation
Quantum Algorithms and Simulation
Quantum Sensing

Qulabs has created a business unit QuAcademy which aims to facilitate training of students with the combination of skills required for the conceptualization, development and translation of new quantum technologies.


Qulabs plans to facilitate Research, Development, Training and Education in Quantum technologies through exposure of trainees to theoretical frameworks, algorithmic techniques and experimental platforms and testbeds, as well as interaction with national laboratories, industry and international partners. It plans to build on various government agency funding from the likes of MeitY, DST and investments from Private Equity and Venture Capitalists in Quantum Technology and Engineering. Currently Qulabs’ Quantum Research Lab at IIT Roorkee in collaboration with Indian Institute of Sciences Bengaluru, CDAC Hyderabad and CDAC Bengaluru are creating the first Quantum Simulator in India.

Qulabs is also expected to coordinate and integrate with ongoing and new quantum initiatives like the one by Telangana State Government, Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad and Qulabs’ called “Quantum Valley”, which includes Quantum Incubation hub, called “inQubate™” with Quantum Qloud access to various quantum computing platforms, infrastructure and workforce development activities.